Southport, Town of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut

We have successfully redesigned, improved and developed 25 properties in Southport/Fairfield.

77 Mill Hill Road Home, 13 Rooms, 6 Bedrooms luxury 4,000 square feet home.

Architectural Design & Build, Mill Hill Terrace Home & Offices, 12 Rooms, 6 Bedrooms luxury 4,600 square feet, water views.

14 Mill Hill Road Condominium, Southport Woods East Association, 2 Bedrooms Luxury Condominium.

292 Pequot Avenue, Commercial Office Building (Putnam Trust/Bank of New York)

200 Pequot Avenue, Commercial Office Building (Pullman & Comley)

1028 Pequot Avenue Residence

329 Pequot Avenue, Spic & Span Market, Southport Village

Pequot Avenue, Trinity Episcopal Church

Southport Beach Ackerly Residence via Max Marston & Margot Pyne Marston Interior Design

71 Old Post Road, Commercial/Industrial Office Building (Jelliff Corp.) interior/exterior design and building renovation.

845 Bronson Road, Perry Residence, Addition, Expansion & Renovation Architecture drawings/plan.

163 Harbor Road, Mattledge Residence

534 Harbor Road, Pyne Residence

375 Sasco Hill Road, Ackerly Residence

375B Sasco Hill Road, Gibson Residence/Sasco Sports

24 High Meadow Road, Turton Residence

356 High Meadow Road, Murray Residence

Mill Hill Bulkley Four Winds Property Land Drawings for Town Presentations

197 Mill Hill Terrace, Metz Residence

208 Mill Hill Terrace, Jesuk Residence, Barn, Horse Stables, Apartment

Lantern Point Water Front Home, Middlebrook/Tarlton Residence, Fairfield

Lantern Point Water Front Home, Mattledge Residence

458 Old Post Road, William Ruger Mansion/Residence, Fairfield Historic District via Max Marston & Margot Pyne Marston Interior Design.

126 Hulls Highway Two Family Residence

River Hurst Section Home, Fairfield

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